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We are open during all Public Holidays except 25th Dec and 01st Jan.
We are open on Sundays only during South African School Holidays.

Zulu Croc offers a hour and a half, hands-on crocodile and snake experience, bringing these fascinating creatures up close and personal and allowing you to actually feel and touch some of the world’s most feared reptiles. This awesome interactive encounter will no doubt leave you with many unforgettable images and memories.

Visit our “Snake O Zeum” where our guides give daily demonstrations and informative talks on snakes in general. Their infectious enthusiasm is clearly evident and their willingness to share and impart knowledge adds to their popularity.

Our Guides professional snake handling skills are put to the test as they boldly interact with and discuss highly venomous species such as puff adders, cobras and boomslangs, much to the amazement and awe of the visitors.

Check out in close detail, the snake with the longest fangs in the world, the Gaboon Adder, and see the impressive and defensive hoods of several of the deadly cobra species. Learn about their movements, their venom types and their danger to us, as well as get acquainted with a few of the large colorful and impressive constrictor species.

This interaction is further enhanced by the utilization of informative audio and visual technology turning a simple demonstration into a rich, rewarding wildlife experience.

Set in safe and tranquil surroundings, the park meanders through cycad lined pathways, leading to a variety of secure, spacious and well maintained crocodile enclosures where the guides are always on hand to answer any questions and offer assistance if needed. Here the Nile crocodile is king and specimens of varying sizes, from hatchling’s to behemoths of close to a ton, can be seen. A Restaurant with succulent meals, bar, curio shop and clean restroom facilities are also available.

At the end of an exciting and exhilarating tour of the park, why not relax at Zulu Croc’s very own “Croc-Tale” Restaurant, where you can sit back and reflect on the day’s activities.

Our Guides passion for reptiles goes far beyond the mere capturing of snakes and crocodiles. They are people’s persons, nature lovers and conservationists, always willing to assist with problem reptiles posing an immediate danger to surrounding workers or inhabitants. They are always quick to react to the many calls they receives on a daily basis.

Our Guides also work hand in hand with local nature conservation authorities especially when it comes to the removal of rogue or man-eating crocodiles.

For an unforgettable experience set in a safe and serene environment, visit Zulu Croc where our team eagerly await your arrival.

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